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Santa Cecilie is a Norwegian duo from Bergen.

Singer & songwriter Cecilie Nirmala Andersen and her collaborator Ketil Fersum released their first album in 2009.

They have toured England, Germany, Italy, France, Belgium, the Netherlands, Switzerland, the Czech Republic and India

Santa Cecilie has a genuine and heartfelt expression. The music and lyrics take you on an inner journey. When Cecilie writes songs, she feels that she is one with “something bigger than herself”. She is most inspired through meditative reflection and in encounters with people. She is often compared to other artists such as Mari Boine, Joan Baez, Alanis Morrisette, Joni Mitchell, etc. After attending a music school in India she often also uses Indian-inspired expressions. Which gives a distinct sound and uniqueness to the voice. Her first release was inspired by her encounter with India and all the people she met along the way. Musically, the expression of this release lies somewhere between Norwegian, Celtic, Indian traditional music and Western popular music. Her passion for music has been present for as long as Cecilie can remember. “I can not write a word, or sing a note without being 100% present in what I do.” It must come from the heart. “


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